The New Ruler

One year ago I came up with the first version of this ruler and I proudly can say, it was a great success. It made pattern making a lot easier. Not just you could forget all the other rulers, compass, angle guides, french curves, seam gauges, caliper, etc. on your table (win!), but gave you the 1/3, 2/3, 1/2 proportions right away, not talking about the other 30 functions. Since I received the first prototype, I didn’t not use one single ruler and stick to this.

What made me change it then, why did I redesigned it almost completely?

  1. Students. Now the new angle guides will make it obvious the short heel measurement angle, the ball angle – everything is placed on a last copy tracing – so it became really obvious. I also added a little spreadsheet with conversions.
  2. Training. I held several workshops with this and I learned my own lesson: how it could be even easier and more simple to use? What functions are not really necessary, what templates could be very useful? So, I added a few more things and replaced some.
  3. Templates… which needed place. Now you have penny loafer, tongue, lining axis, a complete wingtip, more eyelet lines, lining overlap seam (one step!) etc etc templates on it.
  4. Boot leg patterns. This function became a lot easier and thanks to the 1/4 scale you cam make back seamed (zipper, equestrian, etc) or side seamed (western boot and many historical European versions) boots in a few easy steps.
  5. professionals. Because we like easy too.. After all the big difference between a master and a student is – the master made all the mistakes already.

Many of the footwear programs all over the World and professional pattern makers already use the first version – I am confident they will recognise the advantages of the new version too. Abi=out this – I will have a pretty big news about this ruler soon. Stay tuned. And order your ruler here:

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