Summer Courses in 2016

We are thrilled to announce the schedule for the 2016 Summer Courses here, in our Koronya workshop in Savannah, Georgia. We will be offering a variety of courses aimed to expand your shoemaking knowledge whether you’re an experience maker or just starting out. Please make sure to check back for updates! We’ll be announcing new… Read More

Footwear Symposium 2016 – Register Now!

Here it is again, our very own Footwear Symposium in June 24-26  Ashland, Oregon. Why do you want to be there? Because it will be amazing. The long version: pre symposiums workshops (register here: , presentations, competition and a lot of chances to purchase tools, lasts, leathers and so on… Not talking about the… Read More

Foot measurements

To be clear: this are only the basics of the foot measurements. To learn it properly needs a good teacher and quite a lot of practice.The infamous “trial and error” is a very bad idea in this case.. Step 1: we create an outline. Hold the pencil perpendicular to the ground. Step 2: Hold the… Read More

Pattern Course

April 1-2-3 Footwear pattern-making course – based on your votes and demand. The course will be an intense hands-on type, where the students will create the most basic patterns, then at least 1-2 of their own designs. These are the models we learn: ballet flat pump court shoe derby wholecut high heel sandal own patterns… Read More

Master here

Emily – my only apprentice – is really active on my blog recently. It is actually good. I am a lazy blogger. Looking through the calendar, what WordPress provides – I post recently once in a month… in a good case. Well. Luckily I have Emily here. You can learn all the detail from her… Read More

Patterns and plans

I have not posted for a while. The reason is quite simple: time. I am not gonna get into explanations, on the other hand here is a few moment from my professional life – pretty much what keeps me busy nowadays.       Bespoke work. I have a shamefully long waiting list, so until… Read More

Baby shoes 

 There is something about baby shoes, maybe their size, maybe the story behind, which makes them so adorable. My little son turns one year old soon, so it is time to make him a shoe/memory. A goiser shoes. Not many like this are made nowadays.  First step – pattern making. It was not a super… Read More

Star shoes… 

Long story short – as this customer doesn’t need a long introduction –  a new pair, made with hundreds of krystals and care. The design, material choice was 100% my decision. Some might say that it is not my style – which seems like a good assumption as I am a traditional maker, although the… Read More

Lat comes first #2

Now let’s talk about the terminology a bit. 1. Toe spring. The conversation about the toe spring is pretty old. It depends on schools and personal tastes. Bespoke makers rarely do high toe springs as it doesn’t count to be very attractive, shoe factories a lot. It is a fact that low toe springs has… Read More

Last comes first.. #1

        When you step out from your first shoemaking course, fresh and inexperienced, you have no idea what you can expect. First of all: you teacher is not holding your hand anymore, when you need something – even a simple nail for lasting or a pretty basic tool – now it is… Read More

New shoes, old styles…

  One of the new creation from my workshop. A lovely Budapester, which is a pretty old model, not an elegant, fine shoe, but a good friend for a long time. This pair will go for exhibitions – I realized that I need some for this purpose sometimes.    And a sneak peek from the workshop… Read More