Courses – UPDATED!

So, here is the final schedule of the June course in NYC. No further changes will occur, I promise. 🙂 Men’s shoe making course – Level I. Duration: June 14th – 18th (5-day course) Tuition fee: 1495.00 USD Program: making a pair of cemented men’s shoe Men’s shoe making course – Level II. Duration: June 21th – 25th… Read More

Next Courses

We plan to continue the shoemaking courses in November! These course will be held in NY: 1. Shoe Design (very practical way – like we do in Koronya workshop) + a lot of theory, drawing, pattern making, etc.. 2. Men Shoe Course I. 3. High Heel I-II. (beginner, advanced) 4. slipper making courses This is… Read More