Online Course – Add Yourself to the Facebook Shoemakers’ Community!

You asked about, where you can join to the Facebook community. Here: Why it is good? Because we can communicate, because more than 800 soulmate can help in resources and some encouraging words, and because I can comment your progress. For the hesitating ones: Facebook use ONLY those information, what YOU provide them. And… Read More

Insole Shape Construction with the Geometric Method

IMPORTANT: I do not approve to use this tutorial in any blogs, forums, websites  or any printed or broadcasted form. This is created only for personal educational purposes. Foot measurement is always a question I got from student. I know ways to measure feet, but somehow I always had to tell them, that you, as a shoemaker, not… Read More

Crimping tutorial – step by step

Apparently I didn’t generate too much interest with my question, but from the number of the silent visitors on this site, I assume there will be some people, who are interested seeing some pics and notes about crimping. So, what is crimping? When you create.. let’s say a riding boot, you will face a geometrical problem: the vamp is impossible… Read More