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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

Here is the big news of the year… at least for me and my students.

I recently started a channel for short shoemaking tutorials. I plan to upload a few episodes every week. The subscription will be 20 dollars a month, which is – I believe – a very reasonable price, considering:

  • an average course costs anywhere between 400 to 4.000 dollars
  • the subscribers can enjoy additional coupons – probably for even more than this price
  • and most importantly: they can learn a lot. This is a continuous education about the whole craft. Each lesson will be useful individually, beneficial for students, designers, teachers, craft people.
  • each episode can be rent/downloaded individually, without any subscription fee – so if you only want to learn how to cut a sewing channel – you don’t need to pay for anything else, only for that episode.
  • First month is free with this coupon: “shoesandcraft” or just click to this link:




Shoemaking Tutorials from Marcell Mrsan on Vimeo.


And it is available for pre-order for a really affordable price.

Order it here.

Here is the popular High Heel DVD available online – even a very affordable rent option: 10 dollars for 2 days!

Follow this link to rent or buy it –



Here we are again – a new tutorial is in progress. These 2 DVDs will guide you through the process if the English welt process from the very first steps of the insole making to the the final touches. Now it is available as pre-order with a huge discount: only 60 usd for both DVDs. You can also choose – first time – a downloadable version.


So, this is how I am gonna roll from now. I had to realize something important. There are more and more shoemaking courses out there. In a certain way it is great. I really don’t mind it. On the other hand student can’t distinguish between them so the competition is – an understatement is coming – very unfair. Anyway, let’s move forward, I was one of the first who started to teach shoemaking courses, so now it is time to step to the next level – do something even better, even higher level. One on one courses.

The best possible way to learn a craft and probably everybody would agree. As a student you get all the attention, all the feedback and way less distraction.

It doesn’t mean that certain topics will not be taught for groups – like visiting teachers will teach short courses, I will teach no hands on ones, consultation courses, individually customized ones for small groups – but the main profile will be one on one. Intense, better than any other. I will soon announce the dates (some of them are already filled up, sorry – I announced this in my Facebook group, so there was a huge interest).

At the ned look at this happy face – a guy who just customized sneakers, now he makes them from scratch. Isn’t it just awesome? (it was a small class though for the record).

Some other stuff from the workshop.. The last class.

And a few photo from straight from the bench.

A few upper in the process.


Savannah Cordwainers prototypes

Equestrian boot project

Skiving demo

Throwback… Well… Tuesday.

Riding boot in the process. 

This is my fifth and final posting for MM’s blog. Throughout this journey I have learned much about myself and the craft. But like all things, this had to come to an end. And, while one door closes, another door opens.

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We are literally hours away from opening.


This is the panorama from the street – not in downtown, but a pretty good location. I can hardly wait to welcome the first visitor.