Year of the BULL

Well, not from now, but the next Chinese new year – starting at the end of January – will be the Bull’s year. So I decided to make a collection from bull leather, which is just beautiful. I found a good seller, offering wide range (colours I mean) of bull, and I really like them. The texture, the durability is really outstanding. I made a bull shoe for a customer. After a year I had to refurbish.. and when I finished I didn’t believe my eyes. It looked like new. Bull leather survives everything.







Stingray is really divides people, especially if you make a shoes from it. Once I posted a stingray shoe to Styleforum, but I wouldn’t say that I achieved a great succes. Most of the visitors didn’t like it. 




As I remember the worst attribute was “pimpish”.. if they would know who has this shoe.. 🙂 Never mind. 

picture-13     picture-10

I must stay: working with this kind of stingray (on the pictures), is a nightmare.  It breaks the needles, take off the edge of your carefully sharpened knives, and hard. Ten times more durable than a good quality boxcalf leather. The only way to work with it to take a Dremel tool and grind away the small pebbles, as much as you can, and still have some good thickness. You will feel the same smell what you cen at the dentist’s room.. and on the other hand it is not that popular.

A new customer/a new idea

I created a shoe – approx. a year ago. Nothing pecial, just my favourite last, a nice leather and some cool staff to make high gloss and antique look. I realised, that nmy customers like it. I have an old customer, who just got his pair and he called me today, telling me that the people notice his shoes immediately, when he enters somewhere – even he sent me a new customer!


A few days ago I had a visitor (and a customer actually) from abroad. He specified everything about his new pair: french black boxcalf, semi brough, etc… and he have recognised this shoe on the shelf. So he extended his order with this one.

hmm. Should I make one for myself? 🙂


ohh I almost forgot.. the idea. I never give names to my shoes. For what? anyway i never made more than one pair from them, but it seems this one is a special one – deserves a name. ICON. This will be its name.

Shoemaking DVD


I gladly announce that I finished the cutting work of my first DVD. The film is a bit longer than one hour, without still frames and titles, and hopefully it will be very useful for beginners. I still need to put some voice explanation to it and it is ready.

 I show an easy way of making a shoe, what I never do in bespoke, rtw or any category, but this is the first step of learning this craft and the easiest way to start. Most probably most of the student only learn this technique, so they will find it useful. I hope.

New tools from ebay and… Shoemaking videos!

I registered a few months ago to ebay, but I didn’t buy or sell so many thing yet. I wanted to sell my old, redundant tools.. but I don’t have reduntant ones. I couldn’t force myself to sell any of them. They will stay. (just like Gollam in Lord of the Rings.. 🙂 – my preciouses…)

Now I found some great tool on german ebay – I put my licit on (quite much I must say).. and I won. My girlfriend almost get a heart attack when she realised that I paid for a collection more than 100 euros, just because I neede one tool from it. (The rest will go to the “precious” section). Girls.. 🙂 How come they don’t understand how important a rasp could be?


DVD Shoemaking Lessons

I put some videos on youtube 18 months ago, and get more than 200.000 visits in them, but there are still some people who wants more… – hopefully. Some shoemaker student asked for instructional videos for simple technologies (what I never use for bespoke shoes actually), so I decided to make one, maybe more later. and I just finished the recording and started the cutting. Here are some pictures.

I almost forgot: The voice over it won’t be mine – I will ask someone better. Good for all of us. 






Déjà vu 2.

The story continues.. I hope a long long way. I bought all the furnitures, sewing and other machines and use them. I work on the same table what 20 years ago – funny, isn’t it? 🙂  I still using old sewing machines, and 100 year tools.. actually those 20 years old things are quite new.

Every shoe has a story..



..even this chocolate beauty (sorry for the photo quality – could be better). Approximately a year ago I was searching for new leather in a leather wholesaler’s shop, and found something nice. The leather wasn’t that good at the first look, but I realized, that it is a pull-up, light brown, perfectly antique-able skin, so gives space to creativity. The next step was to bring it to a leather laboratory (yes, there are things like that), and ask them to help achieve what I want – antique and shiny look. They did a great job.

Since then I made many of this model – even if I didn’t want – I always want to make something new… but customers want this.

The process is the same until the finishing, then magic comes. 2-3 hours all alone in the workshop making alchemy. But the result worth it (professional photo made by artfoto studio):


This shoes became a kind of emblem, a real trademark of Koronya without intention.

Happy new year!

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